Spread the Word

The only way to solve lack of toilets is by spreading the word. WaterAid, the World Toilet Organization, World Toilet Day, and UN are some of the few organizations committed to getting the message out. To do this organizations host events, create promo/informational videos like the one above, and use media. People must first be aware of the problem before they are able to help solve it.

Blue poster with a group of toilets shouting

Poster from World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day offers free downloadable posters, logos and memes to get the message out on everything from your school news board to your Facebook profile.

World Toilet Day pushes people to be creative in how they spread the word. Whether that be through art or music, anyone is capable of spreading awareness in some way. Celebrate your loo. One third doesn’t have the luxury of a toilet, so why not share and show you care?

WaterAid focuses more heavily on sparking change within the governments and other decision-makers. Their impact depends entirely on the public, those who will speak up, protest, sign petitions and write to members of the press. Does any of this sound like you? Are you willing to spread the word and bring the issue of toilets to the forefront of peoples minds?