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  • Why Toilets? – Why the author chose the topic of toilets 
  • History – The history of the toilet and how it has evolved over the years
    • Different Types – The various types of toilets one may encounter in their lifetime 
  • The Problem – A brief overview of the problem lack of toilets poses in the world today
    • Main Countries – The countries that struggle with lack of toilets most 
      • India An inside look on why India struggles the most with toilets
    • Effect on Health –  How do toilets affect people’s health, contains a list of diseases/viruses attributed to lack of toilets
      • Common Diseases – More detailed look into a few of the common diseases: Hookworm, Trachoma, Schistosomiasis, Cholera
      • Diarrhea – Further look into one of the leading causes of children’s deaths around the globe
    • Government – How governments fail to provide toilets, and why government support is so important in the movement for change
      • Budgets – Answers the question of where is the money going? Why aren’t countries spending money on sanitation when they could reap the benefits?
      • Effect on Economy – Includes information on the positives of investing in sanitation
    • Dangers for Women – How lack of adequate toilets can mean rape and shame for women and girls
    • Education  – Why toilets have the ability to break the poverty cycle of recidivism through education
  • The Solution – How one might solve the momentous toilet problem in our world today  
  • Get Involved
    • Spread the Word – How you can help get the word out, includes links to posters that can be utilized
    • Donate – Includes a short description of many different organizations that you can help support
    • Fundraising – Ways in which you can raise money for an organization
  • Current Events – A collection of posts over a wide variety of current events in the world of toilets
    • New Inventions – How is the toilet being transformed into a more innovative device. Includes many different types of new inventions
    • World Toilet Day – Learn about the biggest day of the year in the toilet realm