Hayley Steinbauer

The Author of this website

This website is not only for you toilet fanatics out there. It is meant to be a website where you can learn about a topic you don’t often think about. I built this website my Junior year of high school for my Multimedia Apps class (thanks Mr. Sommerer). My name is Hayley Steinbauer and I first became interested in the topic of toilets two years ago. I was surfing the web when I ran into a TED talk by Rose George on the problem that is lack of toilets. I found her speech interesting and eye opening. I had a new appreciation for the simple invention of the toilet.

The next year I decided to use the topics of toilets for my English 2 persuasive speech. I found that the more and more I researched the more and more interested I was. The desire to share my research is the whole purpose of this website. I hope you enjoy the sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes odd topic of websites as much as I do.

If you have any questions about how I made my website or anything about the topic feel free to contact me. I’d love to help any scared high schooler who are intimidated with the website making process.