World Toilet Organization

By supporting World Toilet Organization you can help realize the vision to “see a world where everyone, everywhere has access to a clean, safe toilet and sanitation at all times.”

By donating to World Toilet Organization you could possibly be helping one of the many projects listed below.

World Toilet College 

World Toilet College offers training and capacity building courses, in both rural and urban areas. It teaches people of all ages the best practices and standards in toilet design, cleanliness, and sanitation. They launched the WTC in India this year.

Sanishop Cambodia 

Sanishop helps improve sanitation conditions globally by empowering local entrepreneurs using a “participatory approach”, not just focusing on rural households as customers.

Urgent Run 

World Toilet Day on November 19th, is the day for action. By donating to World Toilet Day you will be giving this organization more capabilities to spread the word. There biggest campaign is the Urgent Run.

How the Money Raised Will Help 

  • $25– WTO sponsors a household toilet in India 
  • $40– Be a virtual runner in this year’s Global Urgent Run as part of World Toilet Day
  • $80– Empower a young woman to start her own business selling toilets in her local community by providing her with the necessary tools and training to start her very own enterprise. 
  • $125– Provide a basic toilet mold for locals in India, Indonesia or Cambodia to start manufacturing toilets in their local community, building their own sustainable business and income. 
  • $500–  Provide a day’s training for students in a rural primary school in India on the dangers of poor sanitation and how to prevent common illness and even death through using basic hygiene practices
  • $1000– Pays for the installation of 80 toilets in a rural village in Cambodia. (*Amounts in Singapore Dollars)





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