Two rolls of toilet paper on a multi colored tile backdrop

London Design Festival

This year as part of the internationally celebrated London Design Festival, TOTO hosted events based on Toilet Architecture at the London Concept Store located in Clerkenwell, London.


September 16, 2016

For the PechaKucha event, TOTO invited 60 industry professionals and press to the Toilet Architecture event. VIP speakers included academics, journalists, product designers, and architects- all invited to show their own interpretations of Toilet Architecture in 20 slides.

The event was extremely successful. The slides insinuated insightful discussions between leading professionals. Designer Rock Galphin decided to focus on the future of the bathroom, “highlighting the need for personal/private sanctuaries in the modern age” (TOTO News). Another designer, Jonathan Gaunt, provided a valuable insight into London’s public-sewage and water-supply setup. His main goal was to bring the need for improvements in water preservation to the world. The TOTO accomplished it’s main goal through PechaKucha: “to highlight the importance toilet architecture has on our quality of life – no matter where we are living.”

Toilet: Evolution or Revolution

As part of the search into the topic of Toilet Architecture, the London Design Festival invited Professor Barbara Penner, author of Bathroom 2014 and Senior Lecturer at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL to curate a photographic expedition exploring the topic of toilets from an environmental and societal standpoint. The exhibition will be on display at the TOTO London Concept Store until the end of October.  

Professor Barbara Penner comments: “Around the globe, there has been an increase in awareness of the importance of sanitation…But it remains an uphill struggle, largely because people in decision-making positions do not believe these issues are important – toilets are still regarded as trivial or even taboo. This exhibition, through its focus on key moments in the evolution of the modern bathroom, presents a different view. Far from being neutral or functional, it reminds us that bathrooms are incredibly complex spaces that have profoundly shaped our modern cities and lives and toilets in particular remain more important to our health, comfort, and well-being than ever before, even as new challenges emerge in designing them. What does the future of the toilet hold?”

Inside Rooms: 26 Bathrooms
September 17-18, 6 pm- 7 pm

“26 Bathrooms presents twenty-six bathrooms in twenty-six minutes arranged in alphabetical order, moving audiences through a range of environments whilst exploring ideas of cleanliness and personal pleasure” (London Design Festival). The film is an exploration into the personal relationship with the bathroom as an essential environment, and includes insightful interviews staged and filmed in their own bathrooms. The film is described as “visually striking and added with gentle narrative humor” (TOTO).

PechaKucha Guest Speakers Included:
(Host) Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham and founder of PechaKucha.
Professor Barbara Penner, author of Bathroom 2014 and Senior Lecturer at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Jay Gort, founder and director at Gort Scott architects
Alex Mowat Founder and Creative Director at Urban Salon
Rock Galpin, Founder of Rock Galpin Studio
Tomas Klassnik, founding director of Tomas Klassnik Corporation
Floyd Case, TOTO
Philippa Turrell, Editor of Kitchens and Bathrooms News
Roz Barr, Founder and Director at Roz Barr Architects
Jonathan Gaunt, Associate at Arup specializing in public health
Jamie Mitchell, representing Blueprint Magazine and sister blog, DesignCurial.





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