Red and white sapp bros silo in front of a bright blue sky

Restrooms are Serious Business at Sapp Bros.

Have you had the privilege of running out of gas right by a Sapp Bros. gas station? People hold their breath when their fuel gage starts blinking, hoping that their car will hold out for a few more minutes so they can stop at Sapp Bros. instead of the run of the mill Shell. Sapp Bros. isn’t known for its respectful employees or lowest prices on gas, but rather it appeals to the basic necessity of every individual: bathrooms.

Sapp Bros red and white silo

Photo from Flickr

Yes, you heard it right. Sapp Bros. invested in technologically advanced bathrooms to set themselves apart from their competitors, and amazingly it worked. I speak from experience, Sapp Bros. has luxurious custom built bathrooms that offer heated toilet seats and bidets with a long list of other amenities. People choose to stop at Sapp Bros. solely because they are entranced with trying something new. Who would have thought that toilets could make a business thrive? I think Sapp Bros. gets the idea. They recognize that toilets are big business, and they take advantage of it. We need to start thinking in a business mindset, and consider how we can also make toilets more appealing for those who still practice open defecation.

Sapp Bros. also prides themselves in having the cleanest bathrooms on the road. Some locations feature a button right outside the restroom to alert a Sapp Bros. employee that something is out of order. You can press the button and poof an employee makes the mess disappear. Sapp Bros. also offers a “hotel-quality” shower experience for people on the road. Both the bathrooms and showers are an escape from the pressures of the road. So next time you decide to take a trip to your grannies, don’t forget to stop at the little oasis along the way. It is definitely worth the stop.


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